21 Azerbaijani citizens entered Hungary from Ukraine

  • 17:55 01 March 2022

21 Azerbaijani citizens entered Hungary from Ukraine

Due to the current situation in Ukraine, in the last two days, 21 Azerbaijani citizens entered the territory of Hungary through border checkpoints between Ukraine and Hungary, Ibrahim Safarli, the head of Azerbaijani House in Budapest told ONA.

"Our compatriots were taken to the capital Budapest from the cities where there border checkpoints are located. They are housed in the House of Azerbaijan in Budapest, in the homes of our compatriots living in this city, as well as in hotels. Representatives of diaspora organizations are in regular contact with them and interested in their needs.

Notably, duty-free 15-day visas have been issued for Azerbaijani citizens at border checkpoints and they are planned to be brought to Azerbaijan in the coming days.

The State Committee appeals to Azerbaijanis who crossed from Ukraine to Poland and Hungary, saying that they can stay in Azerbaijani homes operating in these countries until their evacuation to Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijani citizens can contact the House of Azerbaijan in Poland at +48 732 858 585 the House of Azerbaijan in Hungary at +994 50 662 19 89. The hotline is active 24 hours a day.

The applicants are planned to be evacuated to Azerbaijan through the countries bordering Ukraine.

Faig Mahmudov