Azerbaijan's State Program for Efficient Use of Water Resources to be prepared

  • 01:34 27 December 2019

Azerbaijan's State Program for Efficient Use of Water Resources to be prepared

Azerbaijan will develop State program on efficient use of water resources. According to the Cabinet of Ministers, it was discussed at the meeting chaired by Prime Minister Ali Asadov with participation of ministers of economy, agriculture, ecology and natural resources, chairmen of state agencies of Amelioration and Water Resources, “Azersu” and “Azerenergy”, APA reports.

Effective use of water resources in Azerbaijan is one of the issues that have been considered as a priority by President Ilham Aliyev since 2004. Therefore, the Government of Azerbaijan based on the priorities of the President and also taking into account the warnings contained in the UN Report does not intend to wait until the problem arrives and aggravates in Azerbaijan.

The Cabinet of Ministers was instructed to take urgent measures during the initial discussion of the issue and to define long-term and strategic goals, and to resolve the issue in the long run. At present, the process is in the process of developing proposals from related agencies. It is planned to study foreign experience in this field.

About 70% of Azerbaijan's water resources come from external sources, so it is expected to seek alternative sources of supply. In addition, there is a need for a wider use of modern technologies that allow more efficient use of resources and the efficient use of water to prevent losses. The Cabinet of Ministers also discussed the expansion of the network of concrete channels to prevent losses. In addition, the issue of restoring the collector-drainage system and establishing new ones is on the agenda.

According to the Cabinet of Ministers, these are preliminary proposals and the generalization phase will begin as soon as the proposals are fully prepared.

Faig Mahmudov