Citizenship of more than 400 people who joined radical groups revoked

  • 13:07 31 October 2019

Citizenship of more than 400 people who joined radical groups revoked

“Over the past two years, there have been no cases of citizens of Azerbaijan joining radical groups,” Deputy Chairman of the Azerbaijani State Committee for the Work with Religious Organizations Sayavush Heydarov told reporters, ONA reports.

He said, on the contrary, leaving these groups has been observed: “Citizenship of more than 400 people who joined such groups was revoked from 2011 till now. Those people can no longer return to Azerbaijan. More than 110 people have been brought to responsibility. Work are underway by the relevant authorities to identify and bring other people involved in these groups to Azerbaijan. According to the calculations, more than 1000 people have joined these radical groups to date. There are reports that more than 300 of them are dead, but others are hiding in different countries."

Deputy Chairman of the Committee noted that some women and children are also kept in camps in Iraq and Syria: “Works are underway related to bringing them to the country. Works are always carried out on bringing children, who lost their parents, to the country, some of them have already been brought. Currently works are underway on identification of unprotected children and bringing them to country. There are children, from different regions of Azerbaijan and their identifications are determined. The complicated point is that the parents of some children should be determined. Some of these women, left Azerbaijan, had relations with citizens of other countries and gave births after death of their husbands. Now their citizenship issue should be determined. That is why this issue is a little difficult. There is also an issue of bringing some people to criminal responsibility. However currently serious steps are taken in the direction of identification of the children deprived from parental control and bringing them to the country.”