Coronavirus threat: Government takes all necessary steps - [color=red]ANALYSIS[/color]

  • 17:02 04 March 2020

Coronavirus threat: Government takes all necessary steps - ANALYSIS

Today, the “coronavirus panic” walks across the world. Due to the anxiety created by the spread of this epidemic, a number of international events are being canceled, due to the coronavirus threat, the leaders of a number of countries have even suspended their contacts with people.

But in the times when the presidents of the most developed countries of the world refuse direct contact with people, President Ilham Aliyev visits regions of Azerbaijan and initiates contact with citizens. Let us also stress the fact that currently, despite the danger of being infected with coronavirus, the visits of President Ilham Aliyev to regions are also appraised as an “exemplary step from the president” by the world media.

The visit of President Ilham Aliyev to Goranboy, Shamkir, Gazakh, Aghstafa, Tovuz regions and his participation in the opening of various facilities have taken place, and the President delivered interesting messages at the meeting with representatives of the wider public. The President’s step showed once again that the situation in the country’s regions and the solution of people’s problems represent a priority for the head of state.

Since the day of taking the helm of the country, President Ilham Aliyev has stood by the Azerbaijani people and has been among the ordinary people at the most difficult and dangerous moments. When the earthquake and the flood occurred in Azerbaijan when the military operations were conducted at the frontline region, the head of the state visited right those territories not fearing any threat, and he got acquainted with the situation personally, met people and gave instructions regarding the solution of all problems. 

The participation of the Azerbaijani President in the opening of Goranboy regional Central Hospital shows once again that the provision of the health institutions with up-to-date medical equipment is observed not only in Baku but in all regions. In the last 16 years, 22 new hospitals, 15 diagnostics, and treatment centers were built, and 28 central regional hospitals underwent major repair in Azerbaijan’s regions. And the construction of another five hospitals is underway. 70 up-to-date medical institutions have been commissioned in the regions. In the last 16 years, over 700 medical institutions were built and rehabilitated in Azerbaijan. The number of citizens undergone a medical examination in recent years reached 5 million.

In general, in the course of the consolidation of the material and technical basis of the health system in Azerbaijan, the unexpected, force majeure events are also taken into consideration and therefore, the serious preventative measures are being taken in the country against the epidemics threatening the world. While participating in the opening of Goranboy Regional Central Hospital President Aliyev also talked about Azerbaijan’s fight against coronavirus epidemic: “Currently, the coronavirus issue has occupied the world agenda, and this issue is discussed in almost all countries. As for Azerbaijan, I can say that the situation is under control, and a special operations task force has been established under the Cabinet of Ministers by my instruction. Besides, I have also instructed to allocate additional AZN 10 million so that to further accelerate the implementation of necessary measures”.

The head of state noted that special measures are being implemented in order to bring the Azerbaijani citizens staying in Iran: “ Their bringing to Azerbaijan will be ensured both through onshore borders and air transport. But everyone should understand that they should be quarantined during the required period for not spreading the disease in Azerbaijan. At the same time, the relevant instructions have been given about the temporary suspension of schools, universities, kindergartens. The aim is to protect children, teenagers from that disease. In other words, all necessary measures are being taken. According to the information as to date, the possibility of the spread of this disease in Azerbaijan is not so high. However, I can say that monitoring is implemented in the country several times during the day. Special devices have been installed in all border crossing points.”

President Aliyev’s speech also shows that the situation regarding the coronavirus outbreak is under serious control in Azerbaijan and the state takes all steps to carry out the necessary measures more rapidly in the country.

One point should also be paid attention. According to the information for today, although spread risk of the disease is not so high in Azerbaijan, monitoring is held along the country for several times a day in this regard, special equipment has been installed in all border crossing checkpoints, none of the countries has implemented a restriction on cargo transportation and Azerbaijan, targeted strengthening transit potential, demonstrates analogical position.

Furthermore, all issues are thoroughly thought for non-spread of the virus and relevant actions are taken.

On the other hand, the Azerbaijani government closely keeps contact with the World Health Organization, relevant measures are taken to bringing of tests to Azerbaijan for the detection of the disease. In a word, there is not any serious ground for people’s concern in Azerbaijan. We should note that any disease symptom has not yet found in the most majority of citizens, who remained in quarantine, and they will be able to return their daily life after the end of the examination.