Head of the Press Council of Azerbaijan comments on OSCE’s statement

  • 11:58 23 October 2019

Head of the Press Council of Azerbaijan comments on OSCE’s statement

Chair of the Press Council of Azerbaijan, deputy of Azerbaijani Parliament Aflatun Amashov has commented on OSCE’s statement, ONA reports.

A. Amashov noted that statements are sounded by various international organizations on an unauthorized rally of opposition representatives held on October 19 in Baku: “Some of these statements are related to the journalists’ throwing light on the situation of process. Claimed that professional activity of media representatives was seriously prevented and they were subjected to pressures never seen before in rally, held on October 19. It is possible to accept normal such positions of some bodies and embassies due to objective and subjective reasons. However, the release of such a groundless and unserious approach by a representative on freedom of media of a prestigious organization like OSCE is surprising.”

A. Amashov noted that the Press Council of Azerbaijan before the rally turned to reporters and law enforcement officials:

“We called on journalists to be in vests with the inscription“ PRESS ”, and police officers were urged to create conditions for covering the rally. For this, the members of the monitoring group created by the Council together with the Ministry of the Interior visited the venue. Specific mobile phone numbers were named, and it was noted that reporters could contact these numbers if they encounter any problems. During the action there were also those who addressed the members of the monitoring group. At the rally, conditions were created for journalists to receive information.

There was no place where the activities of a journalist interfered. This is evidenced by a large number of common photographs and video materials from the rally. In this sense, the opinion of the OSCE Representative on the Media Arlem Desir that journalists could not carry out activities without any fears and obstacles is biased. It is clear that Mr. Desir did not see the photos and video materials from the action. I wonder on what basis did he come to this conclusion? In any case, he did not study the opinions of the Press Council, the only organization that claims to monitor the performance of journalists' professional activities at the rally. It is regrettable that a representative of such an authoritative structure as the OSCE is so irresponsible in his position. ”

Faig Mahmudov