How to understand the fact that the co-chair Russia arms the aggressor - Armenia? - [color=red]ANALYSIS[/color]

  • 18:03 13 August 2020

How to understand the fact that the co-chair Russia arms the aggressor - Armenia? - ANALYSIS

President Ilham Aliyev once again demonstrated principled stance and strong will peculiar to a statesman.

Demonstration by President of sharp position and principled stance in the issues contradicting with state interests is known by everybody. For instance, at one time, Ilham Aliyev displayed quite sharp position against Zurich protocols, rejected Obama’s proposal to meet! Or, President demonstrating sufficient level of patience and cold-bloodedness during Keshikchidag provocation prepared by some forces in Georgia in winter of the last year put a full stop to the temple issue, solved the issue in the framework of our state interests.

Meanwhile, recently, the Tovuz provocation and the states with which the Armenian army implemented cooperation in the military area during that provocation are on agenda. The use of weapons made in Serbia by the occupant during its attempt of attack on Azerbaijan’s state border caused strict response of the official Baku. Later, the Serbian president phoned Ilham Aliyev, the delegation led by secretary of the Serbian Security Council was sent to Baku.

And yesterday, President Ilham Aliyev brought to the notice of the Russian President Vladimir Putin during phone call that the fact that the transportation of cargoes of military purpose from Russia to Armenia assumed intensive character recently has caused concern and serious questions of the Azerbaijani wide public.

During the phone conversation taken place on August 12, President Ilham Aliyev provided to President Vladimir Putin information about provocation committed by Armenia during July 12-16 on the site of Tovuz region of Armenia-Azerbaijan state border. The head of state noted that as a result of another act of aggression of Artmenia, the military servicemen of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Azerbaijan and one civil person were killed. President Ilham Aliyev said many houses were destructed and fell in disrepair as a result of subjection to fire of villages and residential settlements along border by the Armenian armed forces.

President Ilham Aliyev noted that the main purpose of this military attack of Armenia is to involve third parties in Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict.

The head of state brought to the notice of the Russian President that the fact that the transportation of cargoes of military purpose from Russia to Armenia after ending of clashes occurred on the Armenia-Azerbaijan border, from July 17 until today has caused concern and serious questions of the Azerbaijani wide public.

President Ilham Aliyev said the volume of the cargoes of military purpose transported from Russia to Armenia using air space of Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and the Islamic Republic of Iran immediately after the military clash occurred on Armenia-Azerbaijan border exceeds 400 tons and stressed that the main purpose of the phone call is to clarify this issue.

It is worth special mentioning here that recently, in the times when the relations between Azerbaijan and Russia are developing, while the aggression against Russia is increasing in Armenia, Russia is actually driven out of the outpost country by Soros and its children, the persons who fought against Kremlin and took their place on the side of fascism are being glorified, the sale of weapons by the military elite in Moscow to Armenia is strange and regrettable. After all, Armenia is the country where the Russian speaking schools are continuing to be closed from year to year, the ban is imposed on broadcasting of the Russian TV channels in the country, during various protest campaigns and rallies, the critical comments are voiced against head of the Russian state. You see, after Ukraine and Georgia, Armenia is the third country through the government of which the West implements its serious provocation plans against Russia in the Southern Caucasus. Today, on the eve of formation by the USA of the anti-Russian axe in north-western, western and south-western boundaries in the framework of as old geopolitical plan as the one once developed by Zbigniew Brzezinski, and now, the directing of that “axe” towards the Southern Caucasus is being implemented by Nikol Pashinyan. In such a case, to which logic corresponds the transfer by Russia of 400 tons of weapons to the Armenian military men at the time when battles were going on in Tovuz? But, the support to the occupant is being continued by proceeding with the armament process. The armament also doesn’t allow for solution of the conflict in accordance with norms and principles of international law, at the same time, the armament serves for preservation of the existing status-quo.

Furthermore, while Russia, as one of the 3 co-chair states of the OSCE Minsk Group, should approach to its obligations related to the conflict seriously, make Armenia, which violates international law and known as the occupant side in the conflict by the whole world, as well as international organizations, avoid from its aggressive and provocative policy, do its opposite, supports the aggressor. Sending weapons to Armenia means supporting the occupant, preventing resolution of the conflict, and strengthening the current status-quo.

Subliminal message is that official Baku is aware of the occurrences in the region and if Russia is determined on its position regarding the conflict, then Azerbaijan will get results from it. Azerbaijan’s certain changes regarding military-political configuration in recent times are example for it.

Continuation of Russia’s free armament Armenia makes to think on the OSCE Minsk Group once more. What kind of justice can be expected from the Group, of which members approach the conflict with dual standards, take a non-sense step like armament of the occupant? All of the three Co-Chair countries pursue a pro-Armenian policy. One co-chair state arms occupant Armenia, others support it politically. Thus, co-chair states don’t demonstrate objective position and it makes necessary dissolving Minsk Group.

Why should not Turkey, which demonstrates more fair position on the conflict, call the occupant by its name, be in the Minsk Group?

President Ilham Aliyev once again showed his main principle to everyone: The importance dealing with interests of the Azerbaijani people and state.

President Ilham Alivev once again showed that his position regarding Garabagh and the occupied lands is firm and principled. Such a firm position of the head of the state has been repeatedly sounded from the highest tribunes. President Ilham Aliyev’s tough and firm position regarding the occupation during the latest Valdai forum, Munich Security Conference, Davos forum, the meeting of CIS heads of state and government in Ashgabat is being evaluated as a diplomatic victory of Azerbaijan.

Those who call themselves as a friend and partner to Azerbaijan should prove it in practice. Especially, our neighbors such as Russia and Iran should pay attention to occupation factor in their relations with Armenia.

Kind neighboring relations are important for peace and tranquility in the region.

Zaur Mammadov

Teacher of the Academy of Public Administration under the President, chairman of the Baku Club of Political Scientists