State Migration Service address to foreigners and stateless persons regarding movement restriction

  • 18:55 04 April 2020

State Migration Service address to foreigners and stateless persons regarding movement restriction

State Migration Service has addressed to foreigners and stateless persons, regarding movement restriction, Service told ONA.

A decision on implementation of movement restrictions in the country from April 5, 2020, has been adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers in the framework of special quarantine regime.

“These movement restrictions will also cover foreigners and stateless persons (hereinafter referred “foreigners”), living in the country

Foreigner should send SMS in order to get permission to leave residential place. Relevant index and information, approving identification of the foreigner, should be noted in the SMS.

Necessary information on foreigners are as following:

- for those who live temporarily or permanently – serial number of permission document for temporary or permanent living (MYI (DYI) 1111111);

- for those whose temporary stay period has been extended – serial number of decision on extension of temporary stay period (MOM1111111);

- for those who have been registered upon their place of stay – number of notification (registration) on registration upon place of stay.

Foreigners, who were registered upon place of stay, as well as a decision was adopted on their period of temporary stay, can use “application track” electron service of official website of State Migration Service ( in order to get numbers of above-mentioned documents. It is essential to enter number of passport, birth date, and data on citizenship.

After persons, who received permission for temporary and permanent living, but did not get permission cards, pay state fee, considered in legislation, series number of relevant cards will be sent to their e-mails.

For more detailed information on mentioned issues, foreigners can appeal to 919 Call Center of the State Migration Service, which works without a break, as well as send their questions to Facebook account of the Service", noted in the information.