Entry to museums and libraries restricted in Azerbaijan  - [color=red]OFFICIAL[/color]

  • 17:22 12 March 2020

Entry to museums and libraries restricted in Azerbaijan - OFFICIAL

"The urgent measures are being continued for prevention of aggravation of novel coronavirus infection in Azerbaijan which continues to spread", the head of Information and public relations department of the Ministry of Culture Intigam Humbatov told ONA.

He said the education process has been temporarily suspended at the education institutions subordinated to the Ministry of Culture by the order issued by the Minister of Culture on March 3.

 By means of the same order, the relevant tasks have been assigned to head of Baku City Main Culture Department, regional culture departments and culture institutions.

 “By the last order, the mentioned changes have been made in the working mode of the museums and the central libraries functioning in Baku City and regions, and the attendance of museums by spectators and of libraries by readers has been restricted”, I. Humbatov said.