Embassy appeals to Azerbaijani citizens in Italy in connection with coronavirus threat

  • 11:40 11 March 2020

Embassy appeals to Azerbaijani citizens in Italy in connection with coronavirus threat

Azerbaijan’s Embassy to Italy has appealed to citizens of the Azerbaijan Republic staying on the territory of the Italian Republic in connection with the coronavirus threat, ONA reports citing the Embassy.

Azerbaijan’s Embassy to Italy asks all Azerbaijani citizens staying on Italy’s territory to strictly obey to the rules and recommendations adopted by the Italian Government in connection with the epidemiological situation developed in the country.

The appeal says in connection with registration of the sharp growth in number of people having contracted the coronavirus epidemics on Italy’s territory, in order to prevent spread of the virus to wider territories, a new decision was adopted by the Italian Government on March 9 envisaging implementation of additional urgent and preventative measures.

The decision was signed by the Italian Prime Minister Guiseppe Conte.

According to the new decision, the whole Italian territory has been announced a “closed zone” for the period of March 10 - April 3, and the application of the following strict rules and restrictions having been applied to the “red zone” where the virus was spread initially i.e. Lombardy region and other 14 provinces are intended to be applied to the whole territory of the country:

- Prohibition of all entries and exits excerpt for the entries and exits of working nature or connected with health condition. Only one member of each family is permitted to go out for purchase of necessary food products, the preference is given to staying at home for the maximum part of the day,

- The compulsory and strict quarantine regime shall be applied to all persons infected with the virus,

- All education institutions shall be closed,

- All museums, cinema hall, sports halls, recreation centers, discotheques, bars and game centers shall be closed,

- All massive events including football matches shall be prohibited,

- Only food groceries shall operate in the restricted work mode from 6:00 a.m. till 6:00 p.m., and the strict control shall be conducted over keeping the 1 meter safety distance between the customers,

- The churches and other religious centers shall function in the restricted work mode, the implementation of all massive ceremonies shall be prohibited, etc.

The administrative and criminal responsibilities have also been envisaged for violation of the safety rules stipulated in the decision.

The citizens of foreign countries and tourists staying on Italy’s territory and having arrived here for temporary travel are permitted to return to their countries.

According to the last information (as of 6:00 p.m. on March 9) disseminated by the Civil Defense department under Council of Ministers of the Italian Republic, the number of people infected with the virus on the country’s territory has reached 7,985 persons, the number of cases of death from the virus has made up 463 persons, and the recovery of 724 persons has been recorded.