Accounts Chamber: Inefficient expenditures amounting to AZN 75 million revealed last year

  • 14:35 28 April 2020

Accounts Chamber: Inefficient expenditures amounting to AZN 75 million revealed last year

“Based on the results of the control measures, the appeals made to central executive power agencies have also been included in the report”, ONA reports quoting the “Report of the Chamber of Accounts of the Republic of Azerbaijan on its activity in 2019”, submitted by the Chair of the Chamber of Accounts Vugar Gulmammadov at the meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on Economic Policy, Industry, and Entrepreneurship today.

V. Gulmammadov said in the reporting year, as a result of the external state financial control measures, the proposals related to improvement of budget legislation have also been prepared and sent to relevant executive power agencies: “Each proposal has been included in the report along with indicating its purpose. Although a part of the budget proceeds has been executed in lawful manner, according to certain criteria, they are considered as inefficient expenditures.

We have also reviewed some operations which we consider as inefficient expenditures during the reporting year. In total, we have evaluated these operations in the amount of AZN 75 million. Untimely use of the allocated funds throughout the year, procurement of goods in excess of demand and their long-term storage in warehouses out-of-use, non-implementation of the sale operations and services which could be procured at lower price, non-choosing of favorable conditions of the contracts concluded at the expense of the state funds during state procurements in the course of use of state funds, non-achieving and partial achieving of the targets specified in the state programs , etc. are related to the cases of inefficient expenditures”.

Firuza Vahid