Azerbaijan and the US became strong partners: Biden

  • 13:12 01 June 2022

Azerbaijan and the US became strong partners: Biden

"During the 30 years of diplomatic relations, we have enjoyed between the United States and the Republic of Azerbaijan, we have become strong partners in combatting transnational threats, advancing energy security, and encouraging bilateral trade and investment," reflected in a letter by the US President Joe Biden that is read in the official opening of the 27th Baku Energy Forum today, ONA reports.

The letter reads: "As you host the International Caspian Oil & Gas Exhibition in Baku, I want to assure you that Azerbaijan continues to have a committed partner in the United States.

Around the world, we find ourselves at an important juncture in ensuring our energy security, while making the necessary investments and changes to meet our longer-term commitments to the clean energy transition. Diversification is more important than ever in addressing our energy security goals, and Azerbaijan has played a central role in regional efforts toward this goal. Azerbaijan is also critical to realizing the immense potential of trans-Caspian cooperation to help stabilize markets in the region and globally. And Azerbaijan is playing a crucial role in helping stabilize European energy security, including though the Southern Gas Corridor and by providing crucial fuel supplies to Ukraine.

I welcome your continued steps to help achieve Azerbaijan’s full potential, including by promoting a diversified economy, contributing to global goals to fight climate change though investments in renewables, strengthening the rule of law and accountability, and boosting the standard of living of the Azerbaijani people. The United States is committed to our continued partnership and cooperation".

Ramiz Mikayıloğlu