Azerbaijan Banks Association thanks President Ilham Aliyev

  • 10:18 02 March 2019

Azerbaijan Banks Association thanks President Ilham Aliyev

Azerbaijan Banks Association appealed to President Ilham Aliyev on behalf of the banking sector, the Association told ONA.

Despite the negative processes occurring in the global economic environment, as a result of the successful economic policy under the leadership of President Ilham Aliyev, radical structural reforms in the country ensured macroeconomic and financial stability, economic growth was resumed, development continued.

"The decree signed by you “On additional measures in connection with the resolution of the issue of terrible loans of individuals in the Republic of Azerbaijan” dated February 28, 2019, personifies government support for the population to repay overdue credit debt, is a unique document that will serve to improve the welfare of citizens, whose debt as a result of devaluation has increased several times, as well as ensuring the sustainable development of the financial and banking systems. In turn, we inform that we are ready to adequately perform the tasks arising from this decree. On behalf of the entire banking community, we thank you for your support”, said the appeal.

Faig Mahmudov