Updated 10-manat banknotes issued in Azerbaijan

  • 15:14 18 March 2019

Updated 10-manat banknotes issued in Azerbaijan

Central Bank of Azerbaijan issued new generation banknotes and released into circulation within denomination activities in January 1, 2006, ONA reports citing CBA.

Compliance to the new higher standards by improvement and modernization of security elements of 10-manat banknote which design content devoted to “Azerbaijan history” has been realized.

Updated 10 manat banknotes have kept its main design elements (schematic map of Icharishahar and Maiden Tower, Map of Azerbaijan, European integration and some carpet decorations).

If we compare the security elements, it can be seen that the National Emblem of Azerbaijan is depicted as a watermark in an updated 10 manat banknote.
Illustration of the Maiden Tower, new 3D (LEAD) hologram which reflects moving waves and color changing nominal is placed on the front side of the banknote. Colour changing mini-text content and digits of the nominal is seen in different parts of hologram. At the same time, magic colorful paint (SPARK LİVE®) which depicts fortress walls of Icharishahar and sparks motional and dynamic 3D light effect which changes colour from green to blue is also placed on the front side of the bank note.  At the edge of the banknote a recognition element consisting of prominence lines is illustrated for the people with visual impairments.

On the backside of the banknote sign there is a new window-type security thread (Rolling Star®) visible on the light and changing color from green to blue with the number “10” and “AMB” abbreviation on it.     
Also, there are blinking purple and golden stripes, featuring 10-manat inscription on it.

Updated 10-manat banknotes have been released into circulation on March 18, 2018.  The updated banknote will be in circulation in parallel with the current 10-manat banknote, and both will be used as a circulation tool without any restrictions.