Azerbaijan ranks first in the CIS for Energy Transitions Index

  • 11:49 19 May 2020

Azerbaijan ranks first in the CIS for Energy Transitions Index

The Davos Economic Forum has issued its report regarding the new Energy Transitions Index (ETI), the Economic Reforms Analysis, and Communication Center told ONA.

Azerbaijan has settled down on 44th place in the index table which is the highest result in the CIS area.

The country’s position in the index table has improved by 13 items as compared with the previous report. It is indicated that Azerbaijan has achieved a total of 2% growth as compared with 2015. The country’s total indicator in the ETI index is 58.1% and is even higher than the global ETI indicator (55.1%) for 2020.

At the same time, the relevant indicator is 52.4% in Moldova, 50.5% in Russia, 49.8% in Tajikistan, 48.3% in Kazakhstan, 43.3% in Ukraine, and 42.7% in Kyrgyzstan. According to the results of the index, Azerbaijan has been able to leave behind some countries, which are rich with energy resources, such as Qatar, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Tunis, Kuwait, Iran, United Arab Emirates, and Venezuela.

Note that ETI is formed on the basis of two main sub-indexes: on general performance assessment of energy systems and on preparedness for the energy transition.


Huseyn Veliyev