Azerbaijan takes part in annual conference of USA’s authoritative Jewish organization

  • 17:10 02 March 2020

Azerbaijan takes part in annual conference of USA’s authoritative Jewish organization

On March 1, the statement of the First Vice President of the Azerbaijan Republic Mehriban Aliyeva was delivered to notice of the event participants at the annual conference of the US-Israel Public Relations Committee being the most authoritative Jewish organization of the USA, Azerbaijan’s Embassy to the USA told APA.

It was stressed in the statement of the first vice president that Azerbaijan is a country where the Western and the Eastern traditions come together due to its geopolitical position, and it is also noted that as representatives of other various religious and ethnic communities of Azerbaijan, the Jews have lived in our country for many centuries under peace, law and order, friendship and mutual understanding conditions. It was stressed that the multiculturalism being one of the main priorities of Azerbaijan’s state policy reflects the Azerbaijanis’ life style and is recognized at international level.

It is said in the statement that Azerbaijan is a native land for Jews allowing them to live and to engage in creative activity here, and the Jewish community made a proactive contribution in the country’s development during the reign of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic which existed during 1918-1920 and was the first parliamentary democracy in the Islamic world. The acting of the famous pediatrician of Jewish origin Yevsey Gindes as our country’s Health Minister, and the working of Mark Aberguz in the position of Deputy Finance Minister and head of the Central Bank are brought to the notice as examples of such contribution.  

The information is provided about existence of schools, newspapers and magazines of the Jewish National Council functioning in Azerbaijan in those times and its representation in Azerbaijan’s Parliament. Besides, it is stressed that Azerbaijan gave asylum to thousand of Jews trying to escape from Nazi tyranny during the World War II and turned into their second Motherland.

It is noted in the statement that after restoration of Azerbaijan’s independence in 1991, the Jewish community being an integral part of the Azerbaijani society played significant role in development of the contemporary Azerbaijani state. It is brought to the notice that during intervention of the armed forces of the Armenian Republic, the Azerbaijani citizen of the Jewish origin sacrificed their lives for defense of territorial integrity of the Azerbaijan Republic. And it is informed that one of such citizens was the National Hero of Azerbaijan Albert Agharunov, and one of the central cities in Baku City bears his name, and his monument has been erected in the capital city. 

It is stated that the existence of synagogues along with mosques and churches in Azerbaijan is the historic achievement and the source of pride of our country. It is brought to the notice that today, eight Jewish organizations, seven synagogues and several Jewish schools exist in Azerbaijan. It is stated that the synagogues receive financial aid from the Azerbaijani government on the annual basis, and the Jewish community has lived in the Red settlement in Azerbaijan’s Guba region for many centuries under full law and order conditions and the conditions of commitment to historical traditions.

It is mentioned with a special gladness that currently, the former compatriots of Jewish origin living in the USA and Israel have preserved their close relations with Azerbaijan and make contribution to consolidation of our relations with these countries.

The success is wished to the conference participants in the end of the statement.