Azercell’s Digital World in northern region of Azerbaijan

  • 18:47 07 August 2019

Azercell’s Digital World in northern region of Azerbaijan

Always standing out with exciting initiatives and projects, “Azercell Telecom” LLC, the first provider of the LTE service in Azerbaijan, has successfully completed the visit to the northern part of the country, the Company told ONA.

Rallying around the “Digital World in regions” project approximately 20 thousand people in Guba, Khachmaz and Gusar, Azercell’s visit included variety of entertaining, promotional and social activities. During the events, the leader of the telecommunications market of the country Azercell demonstrated its digital products and accessibility of the services through technical capacities of mobile devices. The attendees of the event enjoyed virtual reality games, intellectual and fun contests and were awarded with different gifts and presents.

 Moreover, “Mobile Dental” and “Mobile Eye” clinics of Azercell have also joined the visits to the regions. On August 3, Azercell’s mobile clinics provided free inspections to approximately 30 children deprived of parental care, at the complete secondary boarding school in Guba. Azercell also presented school belongings to the children. Later, the clinics examined low-income families and elder people in Guba city center. Notably, since their establishment, “Mobile Eye Clinic” succeeded to examine over 6500 people, while “Mobile Dental Clinic” provided free inspections to more than 4000 people, across the country.

Aiming to accelerate the integration into the world of technologies, Azercell invested more than 63 million AZN into the improvement and expansion of 4G network throughout the country, over the past half year. Currently, 57 cities and districts of our republic, including Baku and Absheron, are covered with 4G network. Approximately, 70 LTE stations located in Guba, Gusar and Khachmaz regions provide the residents with high-speed internet. During the past half year, the number of population coverage significantly increased by 86.2%, while the number of geographical coverage boosted by 61.4%. The rapid growth was spotted in daily LTE data usage, as it increased by 49.6%. Approximately, the growth of 16% was achieved in LTE download and upload speeds. It is worth noting that, one of the priority areas of the company is to meet the rising demand of the customers and prepare the country for the new era of connectivity. 

Huseyn Veliyev