AzerGold starts geological exploration works on Dashkesen deposit

  • 12:16 31 August 2020

AzerGold starts geological exploration works on Dashkesen deposit

AzerGold CJSC starts implementation of geophysical researches and geological exploration works in the framework of the activities for preparation of the initial evaluation document for re-commissioning of Dashkesen iron ore deposit according to the Order of the President of Azerbaijan dated August 6, 2020, the CJSC told ONA.

Thus the geological exploration program for evaluation of the deposit has been drawn up by AzerGold. Currently, all historical geological data are collected and digitized, the initial 3 dimensional model of the deposit is developed by means of special software. Based on the program, the drilling of 32 units of bore wells covering 4 fields has been envisaged in the area of confirmation of reserves of the resources. In the framework of the initial research project, the implementation of the bore drilling works to a total depth of 21 thousand meters is being planned. And it is targeted that the drilling works in the volume of 6500 meters will be finalized in the current year. At the end of these works, the database on initial resources will be formed, as well as the results will be analyzed and the next exploration programs will be developed in order to increase, clarify and fully confirm the reserves.