Baku to host IDC Digital Transformation Roadshow 2019 event

  • 13:25 09 September 2019

Baku to host IDC Digital Transformation Roadshow 2019 event

IDC Digital Transformation Roadshow 2019 will be held in Baku on September 17, 2019, at the Boulevard Hotel, ONA reports.

The event will be held by IDC (International Data Corporation), a leading provider of information and consulting services, an organizer of events in the markets of information technology, telecommunications, and consumer technology.

Digital transformation, that is, the introduction and use of information technology and to improve the efficiency of business and government agencies, is by far the most discussed topic in the world. Technological advances - such as clouds, mobility, next-generation security, IoT, artificial intelligence, blockchain - are helping to change the relationship of all levels between business and customers, government and citizens.

At the annual IDC Digital Transformation Roadshow 2019 conference (formerly IDC DX Day Roadshow), with the help of IDC experts, leading IT market players and colleagues who have already completed successful digital projects and are ready to share their experience, the company will introduce ICT decision-makers with new ideas, will provide participants with a comfortable platform for the exchange of views, will help determine priorities for the future to create their own digital strategies.

It should be noted that ONA acts as an information partner for this event.

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Huseyn Veliyev