Fraudulent actions conducted using the name of UN affiliate organization - [color=red]WARNING[/color]

  • 11:47 21 May 2019

Fraudulent actions conducted using the name of UN affiliate organization - WARNING

Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations has made a warning regarding fraudulent actions, Baku Office of the Organization told ONA

FAO has been made aware that persons –  including an individual that goes by the name of “Ms Valerie Balma” – with no affiliation to FAO and who are not authorized to act on FAO’s behalf, have been presenting themselves as FAO representatives to local travel agencies in order to enter into commercial arrangements.  These are fraudulent attempts to obtain financial benefits, such as obtaining travel tickets, by individuals alleging that these are official transactions of FAO. These are not official transactions of FAO.

The attempts to defraud have used, for example, email addresses imitating FAO official email addresses and falsified documents with the FAO or UN logo. The emails below are reported to have been used by the perpetrators:

[email protected]

[email protected]   

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected] 

With this notice, FAO Azerbaijan office would like to warn the public about these fraudulent activities and to advise that any suspicious activities of this nature should be reported to FAO and/or to the local authorities.

FAO declares that it has no legal or financial responsibility in respect of these fraudulent transactions, and that it is not bound by any agreements concluded under this fraudulent scheme.

All suppliers should note that all contracts for the supply of goods and services to FAO are issued by our Azerbaijan office, with its main offices located at the address below:

[Binagadi district, 8th Residential Area, Quarter 3123, AZ115, Baku, Azerbaijan]

This office should be contacted before entering into any transactions with an entity or individual stating to be acting on behalf of FAO.