GECF: Azerbaijan to become new gas source for Europe

  • 12:20 30 July 2019

GECF: Azerbaijan to become new gas source for Europe

The volume of the gas, transported to Europe via pipelines will increase in short-term prospects, Gas Exporting Countries Forum told ONA.

Putting into operation new pipelines will pave the way for the European countries to get additional 102.5 billion c/m gas.

According to the Forum, amount of the gas, transported from Azerbaijan to Europe through pipelines will increase by 16 billion c/m, after putting into operation the second stage of the Southern Gas Corridor (Trans Adriatic Pipeline –TAP) in 2020.

The Forum stated besides these, two gas pipelines are expected to be put into operation for transportation to Europe in 2019-2020. There are “Nord Stream-2” (55 billion c/m) and “TurkStream” (31.5 billion c/m) among them.

“Pipelines of mentioned three projects made up 19% of Europe’s gas consumption in 2018”, noted in the information.

Initially, 10 billion cubic meters of gas produced within the frame Shah Deniz-2 project is planned to transfer to Europe via the TAP pipeline, part of the Southern Gas Corridor project. The pipeline will run through Greece, Albania and the Adriatic Sea to the south of Italy. The annual transfer capacity of the pipeline is planned to increase to 20 bln cubic meters in the future. Since the construction of TAP 88,5% of works have been finished. 

Azerbaijani gas is expected to be supplied to Europe by 2020.

Emil Ismayilov