George Kent: "It increases not only Azerbaijan’s but also entire continent’s energy security"

  • 21:05 02 May 2019

George Kent: "It increases not only Azerbaijan’s but also entire continent’s energy security"

“We have many opportunities to deepen our relations in the wconomic side,” said George Kent, US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs, ONA reports.

According to him, for many years the focus has been on the steategic issues in the enegy sector: “Some our biggest companies have been here working with SOCAR and other Azerbaijani firms to help development of oil and gas fields in the Caspian sea as well as on Southern Gas Corridor. That is a fantastic and multicountry huge infrastructure development that brings gas not only from Azerbaijan, but potentially from Central Asia to markets in Europe that increases energy security of entire continent not only Azerbaijan and Georgia”.

The USA official emphasized that the USA supports projets like Southern Gas Corridor, the train line that connects the East and West. According to him, projects like Southern Gas Corridor are the examples of projects that help Azerbaijan, energy security in Europe and also help connect Central Asia with Azerbaijan. “At this point we do not encourage countries to be working with Iran, in particular in certain sectors, which is not a blockade of trade, obviously, trade continues. And investing in Iranian infrastructure is not something we encourage at this point. Our focus is on connecting more economically dynamic parts of the world. I think East-West connections have much more positive prospects, just because of the dynamics of the trade of energy, as well as the trade between China and Europe. Even a small slice of this trade potentially has great turnover for Azerbaijan.”

Faig Mahmudov

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