"McKinsey&Company" will conduct diagnostics of Azerbaijan’s gas supply system

  • 12:07 17 June 2020

"McKinsey&Company" will conduct diagnostics of Azerbaijan’s gas supply system

The contract on implementation of the detailed diagnostics of Azerbaijan’s gas supply system has been signed between the country’s Energy Ministry and the "McKinsey&Company" Company considered as one of the world’s leading consulting companies, the Energy Ministry told ONA.

According to the contract, the company will render to the Energy Ministry the consulting services in development of proposals regarding implementation of reforms in the area of gas supply taking into consideration the advanced international practices in order to improve efficiency of gas supply system in the country and to ensure reliable satisfaction of consumers’ demands.

The report says the results of the diagnostics will be used by the Energy Ministry for development of detailed proposals regarding prevention of losses in the gas supply system, improvement of accuracy of measurement of volume of consumption of the natural gas used in the country and improvement and modernization of management.

Also on the basis of these results, the proposals will be developed regarding the phased transition to market relations in the area of gas supply, improvement of efficiency of investments and modernization of the regulatory and legal framework. Meanwhile, it has been envisaged to include in the Law of the Azerbaijan Republic “About gas supply” the legislative initiatives considered as necessary for implementation of reforms.

Emil Ismayilov