Monitoring of acoustic pollution level of Baku City to be conducted

  • 16:03 13 January 2020

Monitoring of acoustic pollution level of Baku City to be conducted

The Information Technologies Institute of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences will conduct monitoring operations in order to measure the level of acoustic pollution in Baku City, Bikes Aghayev, Head of Division of the Institute told “APA-Economics”.

He said that necessary equipment would be purchased for this purpose, and the proposals regarding their technical parameters had been prepared.

“So far the proposals have been provided regarding protection of some facilities from acoustic noise pollution. For instance, the residential territories situated near the airport can be mentioned. The noise pollution level here exceeds the norm by about thrice. IN other words, while the norm should be around 55 dB, when an aircraft takes off in that area the noise exceeds 130 dB. And this negatively impacts the people”, - B. Aghayev noted.

The Institute’s Head of Division added that it was necessary to adopt relevant standards and to review the existing legislation in this area.

“There are functional international mechanisms and standards in the world practice which determine the requirements to reduction of noise pollution. For instance, the reduction of noise pollution near hospital-like facilities can be mentioned. It is possible to significantly reduce noise pollution by introducing various methods in this case. Or there are international standards related to night-time noise which require that the noise in night hours shouldn’t exceed 25-30 dB. Note that there are about 500 instructions and standards related to acoustic noise in Europe. And in Azerbaijan about approximately 40 Russian standards are applied, but they can’t be considered as perfect ones”, - B. Aghayev added.

Huseyn Veliyev