More than 13 bln c/m of gas produced from “Oil Rocks” so far

  • 17:45 04 November 2019

More than 13 bln c/m of gas produced from “Oil Rocks” so far

14.327 million cubic meters of oil have been produced from the “Oil Rocks” and “Palchiq Pilpilasi” fields so far ( as of 01.10.2019), a source operating in the oil and gas market of Azerbaijan told ONA.

According to the source, 13.589 million cubic meters of gas produced from the “Oil Rocks” field and 738 million cubic meters produced from the “Palchiq Pilpile” field.

Both fields are on the balance of SOCAR's “Oil Rocks” Oil and Gas Extraction Department. “Recoverable gas reserves are 1574 thousand cubic meters in “Oil Rocks”, this indicator in the “Palchiq Pilpile” field is 561 thousand cubic meters in total”, stated the source.

Note that, Exploration Wells Fund per field (as of 01.10.2019) includes 520 wells. (“Oil Rocks”- 406, “Palchiq Pilpilasi-114”), and 504 of these are included in the running foundation. (“Oil Rocks-399”, “Palchiq Pilpilasi”-105). As of today (01.10.2019) the average daily oil production on the fields amounted to 3.014 tones (“Oil Rocks”-2749, “Palchiq Pilpilasi”-265).

Recall that, the industrial development of the “Oil Rocks” field has started since 1951, and of the “Palchiq Pilpilasi” field has begun since 1963.

Emil Ismayilov