Samsung increased market share in Azerbaijan

  • 10:54 03 April 2019

Samsung increased market share in Azerbaijan

Market share of “Samsung” has been increased 1,6 percent from beginning of the year in Azerbaijani mobile devices market, ONA reports citing Global Stats. Company occupies first place with 56,9 percent of share in the mobile devices market by April 1. However, this percentage is 4,1% low than the indicator of the first quarter of the last year.

Share of internal market products of Apple decreased in 11,8% from the beginning of current year. This indicator was 12,6% by April 1, which is 1.2% more than the analogous period of the last year. Apple’s product takes second place in mobile devices market in Azerbaijan.

Xiaomi products took 3rd place with 11,3% market share. This company’s market share for Azerbaijan increased 5,4%, which is 5 times more than relevant period of the last year.

Market share of other mobile devices is as follows: unknown (Chinese origin) – 3,17%, "Huawei" – 3,01%, LG – 2,13%, "Lenovo" – 1,83%, "Nokia" – 1,7%, HTC – 1,33%, "Alcatel" – 0,99%.