Smart garden being established in Azerbaijan for the first time

  • 14:09 28 December 2019

Smart garden being established in Azerbaijan for the first time

Smart garden is being established for the first time in Azerbaijan with the application of modern technologies. 15 hectares of fruit orchard will be controlled by totally 3 persons. Agrotechnical care in this garden will be managed by phones or computers remotely,  the press service of Fruit-Growing and Tea-Growing Research Institute under the Agriculture Ministry of Azerbaijan told ONA.

 The orchard will be fully automated and computer management will be implemented within the framework of the Smart Garden project. Various fruit trees, including apple, pear, quince, peach and cherry, will be grown in the mixed fruit orchard. The planting of stocks has already begun.

The smart garden also creates a protective system against the sun, hail and frost. This will prevent product loss.

The main advantage of these gardens is that productivity will increase by 25 percent and the number of people working in the garden will be minimized. After laying the garden, only 3 people - an irrigation engineer, a machine operator and an agronomist will control the sowing process.

The full formation of a “smart garden”, the connection of cultivation to an automated control system will be completed by the end of January.