SOCAR: Azerbaijani gas a step closer to Europe

  • 12:32 01 August 2019

SOCAR: Azerbaijani gas a step closer to Europe

Construction of Trans-Anadolu (TANAP) gas pipelines has cost USD 6.7 billon, SOCAR told ONA.

According to the information, SOCAR and its cooperators were able to decrease total expenditures of the project by 40% by saving about USD 5 billion during construction of the TANAP, of which primary investition value was USD 11.7 billion.

88.5% of the works have been completed in the construction of the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline, considering transportation of Azerbaijani gas. “Works on the projects are being conducted in accordance with schedule”, it is mentioned in the information.

Transportation of 10 billion c/m of the gas, produced in the framework of the Shahdeniz-2 project, to Europe is considered via TAP pipeline, which is a part of Southern Gas Corridor primarily. The pipeline will join TANAP (Trans-Adriatic) at the Turkish-Greek border, crossing Greece, Albania and the Adriatic Sea and stretch to south of Italy. TANAP is fully ready for transportation of natural gas to Europe today.  

Remind that 953.3 million. C/m Azerbaijani gas has been transported to Turkey via TANAP in January-May of current year. Totally, 2 257.3 million c/m gas has been transported through the TANAP since its putting into operation until June 1, 2019.

According to the forecast, 3 billion c/m gas is planned to be transported to Turkey (since its putting into operation) via the pipeline until end of 2019.

Emil Ismayilov