Turnover of Baku Stock Exchange reduces by 1.8%

  • 12:38 19 November 2019

Turnover of Baku Stock Exchange reduces by 1.8%

The total volume of the operations for securities conducted at Baku Stock Exchange (BSE) during January-October of the current year amounted to AZN 12,138,920,065 and this indicator is less by 1.8% than the indicator for the same period of last year, ONA reports citing the BSE.

According to the BSE, although a reduction was recorded in the volume of primary market offerings of public securities during initial 10 months of 2019 as compared with the previous year, an increase of 274% in the volume of secondary trading in securities, of 24% at corporative securities market and of 76% in repo operations was recorded.

The capitalization of BSE for October 2019 amounted to AZN3,379,167,202.2.