Vahid Alakbarov: “Lukoil is interested in broadly investment to Azerbaijan” - [color=red]EXCLUSIVE[/color]

  • 15:01 06 June 2019

Vahid Alakbarov: “Lukoil is interested in broadly investment to Azerbaijan” - EXCLUSIVE

“Lukoil is interested in broadly investing to Azerbaijan”, said president of Lukoil Company, billionaire of Azerbaijani origin Vahid Alakbarov at the interview to ONA’s Russian Bureau.

He has stated that Azerbaijan is politically stable country: “Azerbaijan has a stable legislation. Wonderful investment environment has been created in the country. That’s the reason we are interested to expand our existence in Azerbaijan”.

Lukoil president has also spoken about the project of his company in Azerbaijan and cooperation between them and State Oil Company of Azerbaijan – SOCAR: “We are currently working on projects of “Umid” and “Babek” oil fields. We are interested in to be included to this project. Currently economical and technical issues are discussed. If the both sides will agree on economical sphere, then we are interested in hugely investing in Azerbaijan”.

V.Alakbarov has also mentioned that Lukoil and SOCAR have co-operational ties other than joint projects: “We are coordinating our activities with SOCAR in world markets. Furthermore, Lukoil is a big supplier of SOCAR Turkey’s oil processing plant”.