Washington is preparing sanctions against Nord Stream 2

  • 19:21 11 March 2019

Washington is preparing sanctions against Nord Stream 2

The joint European-Russian venture has been a stumbling block in US-EU relations for some time with the Trump administration pushing Brussels hard to switch to expensive US liquefied natural gas (LNG) instead of Russia’s piped gas, ONA reports citing Sputnik.

After years of unsuccessfully attempting to persuade Europe, and specifically Germany, to red light the Nord Stream 2 project, the US has decided to switch to imposing sanctions on it, The Wall Street Journal reported, citing anonymous sources.

The sanctions will be introduced via amendments to the Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA), which is currently being used to impose sanctions on Moscow. The sanctions will reportedly affect the project's investors and companies employed in laying pipe for the pipeline.

Faig Mahmudov