Akbar Novruzov: "Firefighting in the basement of the building continues"

  • 16:01 26 March 2019

Akbar Novruzov: "Firefighting in the basement of the building continues"

"After receiving information on number 101 of the State Fire Service of the Emergencies Ministry, the first fire brigade arrived at the scene in 8 minutes," Chief of Staff of the State Fire Safety Service Akbar Novruzov told reporters, commenting on issues related to the fire in the Diglas shopping center, ONA reports.

Ekber Novruzov said that traffic jams created some obstacles for firefighters: “Nevertheless, the fire was extinguished on the first, second and fourth floors. Currently, work continues to extinguish a fire in the basement of the building. More than 100 units of personnel and 20 fire engines are involved in the extinguishing.”

He also said that the causes of the fire would be announced after the investigation: “First, information about the fire in the shop was received. When the firefighters arrived at the scene, the fire spread all the way around the mall. The area of the shopping center is about 2 hectares. Burnt nearby shopping facilities. The fire spread quickly, because there were mostly plumbing, clothing, and various goods.”

Aida Tinayeva

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