Art director of Azerbaijan State Orchestra of Wind Instruments arrested

  • 15:19 08 July 2020

Art director of Azerbaijan State Orchestra of Wind Instruments arrested

The efficient and consistent measures of fight against corruption offences are being continued by constantly keeping in the center of attention by the prosecution agencies of the ensuring of transparency and financial discipline and the supporting with corruption combating measures of the conducted economic reforms as one of the important pre-conditions of the sustainable economic development implemented in our country, the press service of the General Prosecutor’s Office told ONA.

As in continuation of such measures currently being implemented, the sufficient evidences have been revealed in regard to taking of massive amount of bribes by Lutfi Gadirov while he was working in the position of art director of Azerbaijan State Orchestra of Wind Instruments during 2010-2020 in exchange for general patronage and carelessness for the employees subordinated to him in connection with fulfillment of his service duties, the criminal case has been initiated in the Main Department for Fight against Corruption under the General prosecutor’s office.

The substantiated suspicions have been determined via investigation regarding acceptance as bribe by Lutfi Gadirov himself who made criminal contact with other senior officials whose identities are being examined currently by investigation and by the persons whom he conspired with preliminarily and by using the corruption schemes according to the common criminal intention agreed between them, of the monetary funds in the total amount of AZN 54 thousand accounting for 85-90 percent of the salaries transmitted to the plastic card accounts opened for each one of the employees in exchange for registration of term of employment based on years of service without terminating the employment contracts concluded with them despite of the fact that some persons working in various positions in the orchestra didn’t come to work and didn’t fulfill their job functions from January, 2017 until July, 2020.

Lutfi Gadirov has been charged with committing of the aforementioned unlawful actions based on clause 311.3 (repeated acceptance of massive amount of bribe by conspiring preliminarily) of the Criminal Code and the remand in custody for the period of 4 months has been chosen in regard to him by decision of Binagadi district court.

Currently, the necessary and urgent investigative and operational measures are being continued in the area of full determination and bringing to responsibility of the circle of other persons accused under this criminal case including the persons who participated in that or other way in committing of this crime.