Azerbaijani MIA: Editing European events presented as a rally in Baku

  • 12:13 24 October 2019

Azerbaijani MIA: Editing European events presented as a rally in Baku

Despite that on October 19 appealing to the Baku City Executive Power to hold a rally by the people who present themselves as members of the National Council of Democratic Forces and a relevant place for this purpose was offered, in the center of capital actions accompanied with gross violation of public order were taken, Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan told ONA.

Actions that are accompanied by a rude violation of public order, conflicts that may have been arisen between people, and actions aimed to disturb the comfort of the population in the area where the unsanctioned rally was held have been prevented within the law by the police officers. In the meanwhile, a few cases of police activity are being shared on social networks by mounting events happened in European countries by people who were shooting to highlight actions without any obstacles made to their activities. These posts, which are shared with insults, slander, and profanity by the special teams to discredit the police, are met with dissatisfaction by the vast majority of the population and in this regard, the protests shared by the citizens of the country and foreigners with special sympathy for our country respect the laws of our country and esteem the police.

In this regard, we express gratitude to you for your assessment of the hard and glorious activities of the police, for your civic position.

We note that the personnel of the internal affairs bodies, which underwent severe tests of time, have always been a reliable defender of our statehood. He continues his activities in the spirit of devotion to statehood and to the people, and he will continue to do so, despite the fact that the slanderers say.