“Border-shield" operation being conducted on Azerbaijani-Russian border

  • 16:00 20 November 2019

“Border-shield" operation being conducted on Azerbaijani-Russian border

Border-shield" operation has kicked off on border regions of Azerbaijan with Russia, ONA’s northern bureau reports.

Large-scale operations are being carried out by law enforcement agencies in the northern regions of Azerbaijan. Police stations have been set up in front of the entrance of regions. The operation is planned to continue by the end of this week.

The operations are being conducted in accordance with the agreement reached between Russia and Azerbaijan. The main objective of the measurements is the implementations of the decisions adopted on cross-border cooperation, exposing and neutralizing transnational organized crime groups and members of terrorist organizations, implementation of comprehensive organizational and practical measures to identify and prevent channels of access to financial and material resources aimed at weapons and ammunition, explosives and equipment, narcotics, as well as carrying out illegal activities.