CMO: Eid prayers not to be held in mosques tomorrow

  • 14:59 23 May 2020

CMO: Eid prayers not to be held in mosques tomorrow

According to the Ramadan calendar of the Caucasian Muslims Office and the Shamakhi Astrophysics Observatory tomorrow coincides with holiday in Azerbaijan. If something extraordinary thing regarding the holiday happens, the people will be informed about this, Deputy Chairman of Caucasian Muslims Office Fuad Nurullayev said, ONA reports.

He said that today coincides with holiday evening, while tomorrow with holiday.

F. Nurullayev noted that coronavirus infection is currently spreading and according to the decision of Task Force under the Cabinet of Ministers of Azebaijan people cannot gather massively in one place:  “We also respect this decision. We should do our utmost to prevent the spread of the virus, not to infect people. Gathering people in mosques can also be dangerous. In order to prevent this, the leadership of the Caucasian Muslims Office and Gazi Council adopted a  decision to temporarily postpone Friday, congregational, and holiday prayers in mosques. The quarantine regime continues. Therefore, people can perform Eid prayers in their own homes individually. We hope we will again perform holiday prayers in mosque congregations next year.”