Ex-Executive Power Head detained in Azerbaijan - [color=red]OFFICIAL[/color] - [color=red]VİDEO[/color]

  • 23:45 19 December 2019

Ex-Executive Power Head detained in Azerbaijan - OFFICIAL - VİDEO

The ex-executive power head of Yevlakh city of Azerbaijan has been detained, press service of the State Security Service told, ONA reports.

According to the report, reasonable suspicions were identified over Goja Samadov, who served as an executive power head of Yevlakh city until November 2019, on committing numerous illegal actions violating the rights of citizens, the lawful interests of society and the state.

Thus, a large number of salaries allocated from the state budget as state care for unemployed citizens to be involved in social work and earning a monthly income were seized, as well as doubtful suspicions in the disbursement of 236,000 manats have been identified.

Also, 616,000 manats was transferred to the accounts of various companies in the city of Yevlakh at the expense of the state budget in 2017-2019, which was privatized by the company executives at the instruction of Gaja Samadov without any work done.

Goja Samadov and others have been detained by the State Security Service as a suspect in criminal cases initiated under relevant articles of the Criminal Code for abuse of power, large bribes, embezzlement and other facts.

Necessary investigative measures are currently underway to identify and prosecute the other participants in the case.