Footage of moment of killing of criminal in Baku disseminated - [color=red]VİDEO[/color]

  • 13:56 06 July 2020

Footage of moment of killing of criminal in Baku disseminated - VİDEO

The footage of the moment of the killing of a criminal in Baku has been disseminated, ONA presents that footage obtained by it.

Note that at about 11:00 p.m. on July 2, the inspection of the scene of the incident and the examination of the corpse was immediately implemented by employees of the prosecutor’s office with the participation of the forensic and medical expert on the basis of the received information about stubbing to death of Mail Mustafayev born in 1979 on the territory of Surakhani district.

The criminal case has been launched into this case at Surakhani district Prosecutor’s Office based on clause 120.1 (deliberate homicide) of the Criminal Code, and relevant examinations have been determined.

The substantiated suspicions have been determined via an investigation that this incident was committed by an acquaintance of the aggrieved person, Aslan Sadigov born in 1989 during a conflict arisen between them on the backdrop of personal relations.

Currently, the urgent investigative and operational and search measures are being continued in the area of determining the location and bringing to the investigation of Aslan Sadigov.

Remind that Mail Mustafayev killed in this incident was a criminal kingpin. He was recognized in the criminal world under the pseudonym of “Hovsanli Mayil” and “Mayil Nakhchivanski”.