Fuad Abbasov explains the real reason for his detention - [color=red]Exclusive interview of Journalist to ONA[/color]

  • 15:12 24 May 2019

Fuad Abbasov explains the real reason for his detention - Exclusive interview of Journalist to ONA

It is already a week that an issue related to the Azerbaijani citizen, journalist and blogger Fuad Abbasov who was detained in Russia is the trending topic. Fuad Abbasov who was detained in the temporary detention center located in the Korolyova city of the Moscow region has given an exclusive interview to ONA’s Moscow reporter.

-  Fuad, information about your detention is the trending topic today. What’s happening?

- In my opinion, Armenians fulfilled their long-standing dream. Unfortunately, there are some people among our compatriots who celebrate this fulfillment of dreams of Armenians. I do not want to blame any Azerbaijani who lives here. I only denounce those who come out and say “we did it” and “we did it righteously”. Because it is an unacceptable action towards each-other while living in a foreign country. This is not a good situation.

- Speak about your detention. What has happened? Who has detained you?

- I have 10 days of detention period here. Today it is already a week of my detention. I had been detained on Thursday last week. I have heard that it is written in the mass media that as if when checking my documents it is revealed that I do not have any and it was a reason for my detention. It wasn’t like that. On May 16, at 11:00 morning I went out to buy bread. When leaving home, three people in civil uniform have detained me and attacked them without any warning. I consider it as an act of aggression and resisted. I think it is a normal reaction of everyone. They were three people against me alone. I freed myself out and shouted “call police”. Then one man in a suit approached me and explained that they were the police. They were rude to me when detaining and in a police station. I was given a document to sign. It was written in the document that my residence permit in Russia is suspended. I again state that I wasn’t warned about this. I demand a document that proves the suspension of my residence permit.I said to them to show me that document in order to know when my residence permit was canceled. I was told to ask that document from the judge in the court. Then I was sat in a police car.  The photo which was taken in a car that shared on social networks was spread by them because the process was videotaped. I was taken to Khimki City Court. While I was being kept there was written that I did not have any document, and my residence permit was canceled. I said my disagreement about this issue and asked a judge to show me an official paper about the cancellation of my residence permit and its reasons. I said that this paper did not exist. Judge did not pay attention to my words, went to consultation, then came back and read the decision. Then they brought me here- Special detention center for migrants in Korolev, Moscow Oblast. They did not allow anyone’s visit to me, and to make calls. I was allowed to talk on the phone on May 21.

- Knowing that your entrance to Russia is forbidden, there is some information about your illegal entrance to Russia through Belarus. Have you really entered Russia through Belarus?

-No, this is wrong information. I have flown to Moscow from Baku. I have come through Sermeyetovo airport, recorded this and showed. The information about my entrance to Russia through Belarus is false.

- Then how did you come to Moscow in the case of prohibition of your entrance to Russia? According to what has been said, they had already put you "stop" at that time 

- Yes, during this period there was some information on media and social media about “stop” on me in Russia. Especially to control this information, I came to Moscow. I did not meet any obstacle in the border. According to spreading information, I gave to court that organization what put stop to my entrance to Russia, in order to know the accuracy of information. İf it is false they had to say that case did not exist and make a judgement on this about my free entrance and exit to Russia. On April 18 we appealed to court. On May 7 first court meeting was appointed. They said that the information was correct. I demanded in the court the official paper about prohibition of my entrance to Russia. They said that they did not have that document. It will be in the next court. On May 17, at 11:00 next court meeting was held. I had been arrested on May 16.

- Fuad, do you have proof that you flew from Baku to Moscow, left the Sheremetyevo airport? Can you prove it?

- Of course I have. At the airport at the border, entry and exit are marked in the passport. I can show it. On May 17, my lawyer Elman Pashayev went to court on my behalf. He demanded to show written permission to ban. They did not show him to the lawyer, they said that there was an internal decision about this.

- What was officially said to you in connection with your being at the temporary detention center for migrants today?

- Today, the main reason for my being here, or rather my arrest, is the untimely departure from the country, illegal stay in Russia, despite the cancellation of the permit for permanent residence in Russia. They keep me here so that I will forcibly leave the country. Talking about the fact that I came to Russia from Belarus is a figment of fantasy. The prosecution does not have a single word about Belarus.

-When was your residence permit canceled?

- They said that on March 17, the permit was canceled. By law, I had to leave the country within 15 days. But I was not warned about this. They did not say that the permission to reside in Russia was canceled and I must leave the country in such and such a period.

- When you last time you crossed the border at Sheremetyevo airport, did you introduce your "residence permit"?

- Yes, as always, show that document. The term of the document on the right of residence in Russia was indicated until 2023. I have never had any administrative violations. And now they tell me that the document has been canceled, and I have not left the country. But no one warned me about it. According to them, I had to leave Russia on April 2. And I left on April 9th.

- The Russian TV channel took a story about you, where it sounded "on suspicion of incitement of hostility on a national basis, an Azerbaijani was detained." In general, such an accusation brought against you?

- No, during this period no one said a word to me about it. The question of “stirring up on a national basis” is the “blue” dream of the head of Azerros Mehriban Sadigova. She herself personally told me that I was allegedly sowing hatred between Armenians living in Russia and Azerbaijanis, that a complaint would be filed with me to official bodies of Russia. I said that if I do this, Babayan and Baghdasaryan did it before me. Why don't you complain about them? They have been doing this for a long time.

- What do you intend to do next?

- My main protest today is against the employees of the department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the city of Khimki. If my document about permanent residence in Russia was canceled, the police should have warned about it. There was no warning either by mail or by phone. Suddenly they came and took me away from the house, took me to the police. I want to consider this complaint. We also appealed to the higher courts in connection with the restoration of my residence permit in Russia.

- Is the date of deportation to Azerbaijan specified?

- Yes, on May 28 I will be deported to Azerbaijan. But so far the ticket for my departure to Azerbaijan has not been purchased.