SFPS announced the reason why the fire spread at shopping center

  • 16:51 26 March 2019

SFPS announced the reason why the fire spread at shopping center

Akper Novruzov, Chief of Staff of the State Fire Safety Service Akbar Novruzov commented on the issue of victims of the fire and the time of its liquidation, ONA reports,

E. Novruzov told reporters that when extinguishing a fire, rescuers in some cases go beyond safety regulations, putting their lives at risk.

According to him, because of the complex construction of the building of the Diglas shopping center and the threat of collapse, some firefighters were poisoned and injured: “But these are not serious injuries. We have no information about civilian casualties.”

A. Novruzov also noted that there is such a thing as “fire load”, that is, extinguishing a fire depends on the mass of burning things: “In the shopping center, things are arranged chaotically. The more burning mass, the harder it is to extinguish the fire. At the same time, the building has no internal fire extinguishing systems, there is not enough water in the territory. Fire departments carry out work on the diversion of water at a distance of 200 m. Since the water in fire engines is in limited quantities, it does not provide fire extinguishing in such shopping centers.

The fire spread widely around the perimeter because the management of the facility did not comply with strict fire safety regulations. High temperatures inside the building interfered with the movement of personnel with personal protective equipment. This temperature hinders our work. The temperature inside has reached 200-300 degrees, and therefore the metal structures were subjected to deformation. At this temperature, the protection of personnel is carried out, in particular, under the stream of water. Special fire engines supply water from the outside, as well, personnel work inside using the devices. Currently, work continues to extinguish the fire. "

Faig Mahmudov

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