Three foreign students died of smoke inhalation in Baku - [color=red]PHOTO[/color] - [color=red]UPDATED[/color]

  • 01:28 10 January 2020

Three foreign students died of smoke inhalation in Baku - PHOTO - UPDATED

The identity of the foreign students who died in the tragic incident in the Bayil settlement of Sabail district of Baku has been revealed, APA reports.

The victims are Tarukki Amaya, 23, Tausi Jayavodi, 25, and Malachi Tayuk, 21.

The girls, who are Sri Lankan citizens, are students at Western Caspian University in Baku. They have been living in the same apartment for two months. Their bodies were submitted to forensic medical examination.

One of the neighbors was the first to see the fire, and he tried to break through the window where the students were staying. But it was too late and the girls have been poisoned and died.



Three foreign nationals died of smoke inhalation in Sabail district of Baku, APA reports.

The accident took place at Khanlar Street 60.

According to Sabail police, three Sri Lankan citizens died from smoke inhalation as a result of electric circuit caused the fire. All three victim are 25-21 years old and were students of the Western Caspian University.

Police, prosecutors as well as MES firefighters are currently investigating the incident.