Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran comments on poster scandal provoked by Armenians during Pashinyan’s visit

  • 17:08 03 March 2019

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran comments on poster scandal provoked by Armenians during Pashinyan’s visit

"Hanging of a number of posters in Armenian in "Ararat" Sport Complex was an arbitrary and unacceptable step, Iran Islamic Republic does not support it,” said spokesman of the Iranian Foreign Ministry Iran Bahram Gasimi in an exclusive interview to ONA’s Teheran correspondent.


He noted that Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan’s presence in the "Ararat" sports complex and meeting with citizens of the same religion living in Iran is normal case:  "But hanging several posters about the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict in the "Ararat" sports complex in Armenian is an arbitrary step and unacceptable."


Gasimi stressed that Iran’s policy on the Karabakh conflict has always been transparent and understandable, and it has not changed: “The conflict must be resolved on the basis of international principles and through negotiations. It is very important for Iran that relations with Armenia and Azerbaijan are not influenced by the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. Therefore, Iran on this issue continues its substantive and logical policy. We hope that the conflict will soon be resolved through diplomacy and peacekeeping efforts. Iran has made efforts to resolve this conflict peacefully, and can again make all efforts to this end. ”


According to Gasimi, for centuries members of various divine religions, including Armenians are proud of their peaceful life in Iran. He added that according to the Constitution of Iran, MPs from Armenian, Zoroastrian and Jewish communities are represented in the Iranian parliament.


“We are interested in establishing relations with neighboring countries in a mutual respect without interference in internal affairs. At the same time, we are trying to expand relations. We consider that the expansion of Iran's relations with any of its neighbors is not and will not be against the interests of any country among neighboring countries and countries of the world. Following the collapse of the USSR, in the Central Asia and the Caucasus, the balanced and moderate relations were established between Iran and Armenia, based on the rights and principles of neighborhood. Armenian PM’s visit to Iran took place within the framework of these relations and the policy pursued by Iran in its foreign policy regarding all the northern neighbors.”


Gasimi also commenting on the Iranian-Azerbaijani relations, said that two neighboring countries have common traditions and culture and religious similarities: “Since Azerbaijan gained its independence, our relations with each other were developed on a rising line. The attention of the two countries' officials has been and will be directed to further development of the relations in various spheres. We see how deep the relations between Azerbaijan and Iran when we look at the meetings of various delegations, especially between Presidents Ilham Aliyev and Hasan Rouhani, foreign ministers in recent years, as well as the agreements achieved. Iran considers the stability and economic development of Azerbaijan, Armenia and other neighboring countries as development of our region as the most vulnerable part in the world. Our desire is the neighboring countries live without hostility, in peace, and security with each other.”

Faig Mahmudov