71-year-old resident Jojug Marjanly appealed to Armenian mothers

  • 15:44 02 April 2019

71-year-old resident Jojug Marjanly appealed to Armenian mothers

A resident of the village of Jojug Marjanly of the Jabrail region, Gullu Aslanova appealed to Armenian mothers, ONA's Karabakh correspondent reports.

G. Aslanova said that Armenian mothers deliberately push their children to death.

“If Armenian mothers do not want to see the coffins of their sons, let them recall them from Nagorno-Karabakh. Because the Supreme Commander of Azerbaijan can give an order at any time, and the trenches where their sons are located can be fired upon. Therefore, let them not send their sons to Karabakh. ”

Gullu Aslanova says she lived in anguish for her home for 25 years: “My biggest desire was to spend the rest of my life and die in Jojug Mardzhanly”.

G. Aslanova did not stay to live in Baku, despite the persuasions of her six children.

Hearing about the return of the village, she returned there: “All my children have a higher education, everyone is busy with their work. I always lived with the thought of returning here. ”

Aida Tinayeva

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