Armenia holds responsible for genocide against Azerbaijanis - [color=red]STATEMENT[/color]

  • 15:37 25 February 2019

Armenia holds responsible for genocide against Azerbaijanis - STATEMENT

"Armenia holds responsible for genocide against Azerbaijanis", this was stated in a joint statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Military Prosecutor's Office regarding the 27th anniversary of Khojaly's occupation, ONA reports.

The statement notes that as a result of Armenian aggression against Azerbaijan, more than one million Azerbaijanis have been subjected to ethnic cleansing.

“Genocide was committed against the Azerbaijanis. Armenia holds responsible for this. One of the biggest tragedies in the conflict was committed in Khojaly. Systemic violence in Khojaly was a part of the goals. The OIC adopted a resolution recognizing the tragedy as genocide. However, Armenia still ignores the requirements for withdrawal of invader troops from our territories”, - the statement says.

Faig Mahmudov