Armenian ombudsman visited Azerbaijani who got lost and crossed Armenian side

  • 10:05 19 March 2019

Armenian ombudsman visited Azerbaijani who got lost and crossed Armenian side

Armenian ombudsman Arman Tatoyan visited on March 18 in the hospital Azerbaijani citizen Elvin Ibrahimov, who got lost and crossed into Armenian territory, ONA reports citing Armenian media.

During the visit of the Defender to Elvin Arif Oglu Ibrahimov, the defense advocate and the investigator were present and at that moment were conducting investigative actions envisaged in the Criminal Procedure Code. An interpreter of the Azerbaijani language is involved in the criminal proceedings.

The Ombudsman explained to Mr. Ibrahimov that, if necessary, he can call directly to the HRD hotline via the 116 number, which is active 24 hours with no non-working days.

During the private interview with the Defender, E. Ibrahimov expressed his willingness to meet with or to talk to his family and requested the Defender’s assistance for that matter. Arman Tatoyan discussed this issue with the Director of the National Security Service of Armenia. The Service expressed its readiness to organize any communication between Elvin Arif Oglu Ibrahimov and his family, including through letters, messages (paper communication), telephone or video communication. 

The medical doctor of the Human Rights Defender’s Office also participated in the visit. Mr. Ibrahimov’s health condition and his medical documentation were examined. It was recorded that his health condition was satisfactory.

Note that a resident of Yukhari Salahli village of Gazakh region, Ibrahimov Elvin Arif oglu, born 29.10.1986, at the night of March 15-16, loosing his way crossed the border from Gazakh region to Armenia's Noyemberyan region.

E. Ibrahimov was wounded by Armenian soldiers while crossing the border. Relevant international organizations confirmed the fact that Ibrahimov was wounded and detained by Armenian servicemen and said that there was no danger for his life.

During the preliminary investigation conducted by the State Commission it was revealed that E. Ibrahimov was registered in Gazakh district mental hospital.

The State Commission appealed to relevant international organizations to release E. Ibrahimov.