Armenians attempt to disrupt the Khojaly event in Paris

  • 11:12 27 February 2019

Armenians attempt to disrupt the Khojaly event in Paris

An incident took place at the Sen-Estas Church in Paris where an event dedicated to the memory of victims of the Khojaly genocide, ONA reports citing AzerTAC.

According to infrormation, activists of the Armenian youth fascist organization "FRA Nor Seroun" attempted to stop the event.

Before the start of the event which is organized by the Embassy of Azerbaijan in France and the Permanent Mission to UNESCO, Armenian activists were entered to the curch, humiliated the guests, by physically abusing them. Armenian fascists chanted slogans in the racist context.

Thus, they once again showed their fascist faces to both French and diplomatic corps accredited in Paris. However, their attempts were prevented. More than 300 representatives of French and different nations, who were invited to the event did not leave the Azerbaijanis alone and stayed with them until the end of the ceremony.

They demanded the Armenians to leave the church. The involved police officers removed the provocateurs out of the church. The commemorative event was held at a high level, as planned.

Faig Mahmudov