Armenians, leaving Aghdam, fires houses, stores before leaving - [color=red]VIDEO[/color]

  • 11:25 19 November 2020

Armenians, leaving Aghdam, fires houses, stores before leaving - VIDEO

Armenians set houses and stores on fire while leaving Aghdam, which was occupied by them, APA reports citing Sputnik Armenia.

A person, named Armen, has set his own house and food store on fire in Boyahmadli village of Aghdam.

He said that he was living in this village for 10 years and took the measure in order not to leave his house and store for Azerbaijanis.

Other residents of the village also fire everything, which they can not carry with themselves.

Note that Armenians also fired houses, forests before leaving Kalbajar, destroyed stores, power stations.

Remind that although according to the statement signed by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, and Russian President Vladimir Putin, Armenian Republic must leave Kalbajar district until November 15, 2020, the date was extended until November 25. Armenian must return Aghdam district until November 20, 2020, and Lachin district until December 1 to the Republic of Azerbaijan.