Azerbaijani MFA comments on claims of some foreign media outlets about allegedly bringing fighters from Syria to Azerbaijan

  • 14:12 01 October 2020

Azerbaijani MFA comments on claims of some foreign media outlets about allegedly bringing fighters from Syria to Azerbaijan

"In recent days, we are witnessing a smear campaign in some foreign media outlets, which is full of lies and slander, allegedly in connection with the bringing of fighters from Syria to Azerbaijan. There is no doubt that Armenia is behind these allegations, which are not based on any facts and are spread in the form of interviews with fictitious people," Head of the Press Service Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan Leyla Abdullayeva, ONA reports.

According to her, the purpose of this smear campaign was to compensate for the negative international public opinion caused by the recent demonstrations by Armenia and the relocation of representatives of terrorist organizations from the Middle East to the occupied territories of Azerbaijan, which is a gross violation of international humanitarian law.

Differing from Armenia which experience severe demographic crisis for years and as a result of it, being unable to complete its armed forces, Azerbaijan has fully equipped armed forces and these forces are professional and strong which do not need any outside forces, especially irregular groupings in order to achieve the targeted purpose.

These fabricated claims does not only fit into simple logic, but also they are unconvincing in military-technical point of view. Various resources claim that allegedly about a few hundreds mercenaries are brought to Azerbaijan. Then such a question arises: in the context of possible clash of two regular armies, which changed can do small number of non-regular groups in the balance of forces? Of course those who spread disinformation are unable to respond to this question.

We resolutely refuse these ugly claims against Azerbaijan once more and stress that Azerbaijani Army does not need any external forces for provision its territorial integrity within the framework of international borders.

“There are many facts on use of terrorism formations and hired fighters in military operations during occupation of Azerbaijan’s Nagorno Garabagh region and surrounding districts by Armenia. Currently, the Armenian leadership continues the policy and widely uses extremist factors against Azerbaijan within the framework of new terrorism act, conducted by them. Thus, Armenia’s plan on establishment of “volunteer fighter teams”, to be used for military purposes, aims at using “services” of terrorists, brought from the Middle East to Armenia during years”, stressed MFA Official.