Azerbaijani MFA responds to Pashinyan

  • 19:13 16 May 2020

Azerbaijani MFA responds to Pashinyan

The head of the Press service department of the Azerbaijani Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) Leyla Abdullayeva has commented on the statements voiced by the Armenian prime minister during the online press conference saying that no new document for settlement of the conflict has been put forward after the “velvet revolution”, while the old proposal is not acceptable, ONA reports.

L. Abdullayeva said the voicing by the Armenian prime minister of such statements about the process of the negotiations held for solution of the conflict shows that either he still hasn’t been able to learn this process for the last two years or he pursues the goal of putting obstacle to the negotiations process by such statements.  

“It is true that no new document is available in the negotiations process because there is even no need in a new document and proposal. Thus, as is also explained in the declaration of the OSCE Minsk Group dated March 9, 2019, the negotiations are being held on the basis of the document already lying on the negotiations table. It is interesting whether N.Pashinyan has ever inquired about activity of Armenia’s minister of Foreign Affairs in the process of the negotiations held for the last two years? Perhaps, such assumption shouldn’t be ruled out that the Armenian minister of Foreign Affairs hasn’t submitted to his prime minister the document presented by co-chairs to ministers of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan and Armenia including the contents of the negotiations intensively held in Geneva in January of this year.

If the purpose of the present Armenian leadership is to protract solution of the conflict behind the curtain of “negotiations”, then this approach is categorically rejected by both Azerbaijan and the international community.

We remind to leadership of the occupant Armenia wishing to bring to zero the negotiations process and the efforts of international mediators that the main purpose of the negotiations held for many years between Azerbaijan and Armenia through mediation of the OSCE Minsk Group co-chair countries including the efforts of heads of states of these countries is to ensure withdrawal of the occupational forces from all occupied territories of Azerbaijan according to the well-known resolutions of the UN Security Council, restoration of human rights of hundreds thousands of internally displaced people and thereby establishment of sustainable peace and security in the region.

The Armenian leadership clearly shows by such statements which country supports peace and which country supports escalation of tension in the region. We emphasize once again that the whole responsibility for escalation of situation in the region fully falls on Armenia”, the MFA official stressed. 

Faig Mahmudov