Azerbaijani President: War is already in the past

  • 13:17 01 December 2020

Azerbaijani President: War is already in the past

"From the first day of the war to the present – from 27 September to 1 December – I have repeatedly addressed the Azerbaijani people, shared the joy of victory and reported on our liberated cities," said President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev in his address to the nation, ONA reports.

"I consider myself a very lucky person because this Victory demonstrates our spirit, our unbending spirit. It shows that the Azerbaijani people never intended to put up with such a situation, and the entire nation, the smallest children, the elderly, those who left these lands and lived with the dream of returning, representatives of the younger generation who have never been to these lands but are originally from there lived with one dream. We all lived with one dream and have realized it. All our dreams have come true today. This is a truly great happiness for each of us. The war is already in the past," noted Azerbaijani President.