Azerbaijani SBS: New positions are taken on strategic heights at the border with Armenia

  • 17:16 16 August 2019

Azerbaijani SBS: New positions are taken on strategic heights at the border with Armenia

“Securing state borders is an important task of Azerbaijani border servicemen”, said the head of Staff of State Border Service (SBS), General Major Elchin Ibrahimov at the press conference on the occasion of 100 years anniversary of establishment Azerbaijan Border Security, ONA reports.

E. Ibrahimov said that Gazakh Combined Border Unit was established under Border Troops of the State Border Service in accordance with the decision of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The service was organized by the border units located in the territory of Gazakh region of Azerbaijan-Armenia border: “Tensions have been observed in those territories in recent months. The main cause of the tense is the provocation committed by Armenian armed units and their desire to move to Azerbaijani territory. Taking into consideration these attempts, we have taken preventive measures. New posts have been taken in several strategically-important heights".

"Taking these positions has created more optimal opportunities in order to keep under control the posts of Armenian armed units and the roads to the posts. Engineering works have been carried out under the constant fire of Armenia.  The task of laying fence has been fulfilled in order to ensure the safe movement of personnel and vehicles to Azerbaijani border points. During that period, Armenia fired at our engineering equipment, trucks, and even our military ambulance. As a result, two Azerbaijani servicemen injured. Taking urgent evacuation measures they were rescued and there is no threat to their health currently. The enemy's positions were silenced by adequate response fire.”